Sandy Shore

Bright ideas, clever lyrics, melodic songs... The compelling San Francisco singer/songwriter has assembled a collection of 11 tracks on her latest release that convincingly relate to the human condition. That condition is, according to the dictionary, having imperfections and weaknesses of a human being rather than a machine or divine being. While Ms. Chandler's voice is as divine as ever, she writes of notions and slices of life that are indeed experienced in the physical realm. Love... Loss... Life... All grown up now, Laura's viewpoint is less intense on LEARNING TO BE HUMAN. She sheds light on her rites of passages and spends compassion freely on both herself and her fellow human beings. On "Happiness," she sings, "I fall down, I just get up and I stumble around in this happiness." Learning to be human, again according to the dictionary, means to show kindness, compassion and approachability. Plenty of those qualities here... "Fickle Thing" traipses through the joy/pain of love, "Makes you feel so good, makes you feel like dying." Another favorite, "Ride" is about the perfect simplicity of just driving away from it all with an undercurrent theme of dealing with logistics postponement at another time. Other points of interest: the sultry new version of her original, "Low Light," the bittersweet, "Wilmington," and the Steely Dan-esque "Pin-Up Girls." Laura's got a knack for depth and on LEARNING TO BE HUMAN she relies securely on this skill in a way that isn't trying too hard (which can be a very human thing to do). This evolved asset allows for her new music to flow sweetly and unreservedly off the CD.