The Performing Songwriter Magazine
Nashville, TN
December 1997
by Neil Fagan

“Last night in apartment D, I learned what I was made of” - that’s the declaration Laura Chandler makes in the song “Apartment D.” And if she never really says what it is exactly that she’s made of, you know by the end of that first song that her music is made of crisp, shimmering pop and a honey-dipped voice that coats every word.

Chandler might be described as a folk-pop kinda gal but the band she surrounds herself with never comes close to sounding like wimpy, acoustic noodlers. There’s a lilting sax solo in the title track. Then there’s the tremolo guitar of “The Low Light” that adds a chunky, retro feel to Chandler’s jazzy melody. An acoustic guitar and piano move in near identical patterns in the quiet, lush, “Letting Go”.

“Time” and “When I Fell” have a slight Motown meets Memphis feel with their laid back grooves and organ fills. The album closes with “Fall” a subdued word sketch of an aging woman. Chandler has toured with Acoustic Alchemy in the past as well as with her own band. Keep your eyes and ears open. She’s definitely one to watch out for.