Curve Magazine
San Francisco, CA
Hot Licks From Cool Chicks
April 1996
by Rachel Pepper

Chandler’s a sweetie in real life, and her album reflects her demeanor. It’s a heartfelt yet up-beat collection of nine songs, all with Chandler on guitar and vocals and a small band of male musicians behind her. Chandler writes with the soul of a poet, clearly evident in songs such as “The Low Light”: “You played me like a record/ An old forty-five/ Just some melody in the back of your mind/ You were like a phonograph/ You set me to spin/ Now we both know what we knew back then.” Mapping Territories starts out with the song “Apartment D”, which depicts a burgeoning love affair; “Letting Go” is a sad tune about the end of love; and “Time,” a song previously released on Chandler’s debut album, Slow Down Rain, is a moving tribute to Marlon Riggs and is featured in Karen Everett’s film I Shall Not Be Removed. Expect to see Chandler’s name in lights in a town near you soon! In the meanwhile order this album from Lulu Bucket Music, PO Box 460-416, San Francisco, CA 94146.