Creative Loafing
Greenville, NC
August 1996
by Kristen York

Questionable haircut, awesome voice. But that’s beside the point. Atlanta native Laura Chandler moved to San Francisco, where she saved up her pennies to put out Mapping Territories on her very on label, and she done good! Mapping is one of those rare “Adult” records which doesn’t bore: The piano and percussion keep the songs fresh, the vocals keep the mood soulful. Although she’s been compared, vocally, to Joan Osborne, Everything But The Girl’s Tracey Thorn, and other mellow, folky types, she sounds more like Deborah Harry than anyone else. But that’s beside the point.

Laura Chandler takes Andrews Sisters harmonies and throws them in with Peter Gabriel-ish atmospheric production and sews it all together with Hammond organ, acoustic guitar, piano, and God knows what else. I guess that’s all. Oh yeah, she writes really good songs too!

Chandler performs at Horizon Records Wednesday, August 7 at 5:30 pm and at the Handlebar in Greenville Thursday, August 8.