“...Ms. Chandler's voice is as divine as ever . . . [she] sheds light on her rites of passages and spends compassion freely on both herself and her fellow human beings.  Laura's got a knack for depth and on Learning to be Human she relies securely on this skill in a way that isn't trying too hard.  This evolved asset allows for her new music to flow sweetly and unreservedly off the CD.”


(Sandy Shore, Radio)

“...That Chandler is one of the most exciting and important new figures on the scene goes without saying. Mapping Territories is an essential listen, a powerful testimony to the spirit of head and heart. It approaches that wonderful and mystical space where idea and translation become united, where the water and the vessel are one and the same. Chandler has created a work of which she should be proud. It's up to us now to listen.”


(James Cassara, Music Reviews Quarterly)

“...Expect to see Chandler’s name in lights in a town near you soon!”


(Curve Magazine, San Francisco, CA)

“...Her music is made of crisp, shimmering pop, and a honey dipped voice coats every word. Keep your eyes and ears open. She’s definitely one to watch out for!”


(The Performing Songwriter)

“...Chandler has panache as a songwriter, constructing melodies rich in clever phrasing, imaginative lyrics, and a clear attractive voice.”


(Rock and Reel Music Mag, London England)

“...Awesome voice!...Mapping is one of those rare ‘adult’ records that doesn’t bore.”


(Creative Loafing, Greenville, SC)

“...Allure is one of my favorite words, meaning fascination; charm; appeal. All of those words describe this first offering of a musical collaboration that was made in Heaven, which is where this CD, “Kiss” will take you. Laura Chandler and Waldino sound so perfect together that one would think they’ve been playing together for decades. I hope they will be doing just that in the years to come. BRAVO!”

(Laurie Cobb, Program Director for “Chill with Mindi Abair” & “Smooth Jazz” MD/APD Jones Radio Network)

"...K*I*S*S, the debut release from The Allure, is a soulful blend of vocal perfection and instrumental excitement swirled together with persuasive lyrics. The engaging collaborative features critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Laura Chandler and nu jazz, lounge and chill composer Waldino (Walter Liskiewicz). The prolific Liskiewicz met his musical match in the adept chanteuse, who cleverly spins a colorful lyric covering the full spectrum of life, delivering the words with sensual profundity over soulful rhythms that are at times vibey and loungey. Laura’s voice is sweet and articulate… think Weekend Players, Everything But The Girl and Zero 7. K*I*S*S delivers 12 sumptuous tracks that will leave you wanting more."

( Radio)

"...Outstanding! This album speaks for a whole generation!"

(Vicki Barker, Journalist and Radio Personality, formerly with CNN & the BBC)

“...Burned Too Long is a world of seductive vocals, probing lyrics and irresistible melody.”

(Livewire Magazine)

“... Chandler is ready for migration to divaville!”

(Mitch Ritter, Dirty Linen Magazine)

“...Mapping Territories is one of the finest releases of the past year.”

(Out ‘n About, Asheville, NC)

“...(Chandler) is possessed of an expressive voice, somewhere between Rickie Lee Jones and Everything But The Girl’s Tracey Thorn, and her lyrics are hardly the stuff of prefab pop cliche . . . (Her) lack of willingness to settle for the easy answers, keeps her songs from the trap that other talented female singer/songwriters have fallen into. There is a lot more here than one woman and an acoustic guitar.”

(Free Times, Columbia, SC)

“...(Chandler) is on the verge of national recognition!”

(Tampa Tribune, Tampa, FL)

“...(Her) poetic compositions are like visual vignettes of emotion, but her music, can rock, even swing a little like jazz. She displays solid vocal and instrumental talent, an engaging stage presence and good songs - all of which should add up to big-time success.”

(Coast Weekly, Monterrey, CA)

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