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It's Christmas, Baby

The Allure

The debut release from The Allure is a soulful blend of vocal perfection and instrumental excitement. This engaging collaboration features critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Laura Chandler and nu jazz, lounge and chill composer, Waldino, with help from Internet Radio Pioneer, Sandy Shore, and engineering guru, Jesse Osborne. Their debut album, KISS, is a chill jazz break through record that reached the top fifty on the Indie Smoothjazz charts. Described as “Heaven” by music veteran Laurie Cobb of Jones Radio Network. says of The Allure, “The prolific Waldino met his musical match in the adept chanteuse, who cleverly spins a colorful lyric covering the full spectrum of life, all the while delivering lyrics with sensual profundity over soulful rhythms that are cool, vibey and loungey. KISS delivers 12 sumptuous tracks that will leave you wanting more.”

Kiss (1 min. clip)
Come Back (1 min. clip)
We Belong Together (1 min. clip)
Sorry (1 min. clip)
Get Along (1 min. clip)

Learning to be Human

Thanks go to everyone who put so much into the making of this record, and especially those of you who pre-bought the record, or made tax deductible donations, and waited so patiently for it to be released. I really couldn't have done it without you all. I hope you enjoy the music and look forward to making more records and seeing you at a concert soon!

Fickle Thing (1 min. clip)
Wilmington (1 min. clip)
Low Light (1 min. clip)
Happiness (1 min. clip)
Pin-Up Girls (1 min. clip)
Yarra River (1 min. clip)

Burned Too Long

Re-mixed and mastered, this reissue of Laura’s 1992 release Confessions of an Unarmed Poet is now available on CD. Simple arrangements of organ, piano, bass and percussion compliment Laura’s fine guitar playing. She also adds several new recordings of some of her classic songs including Lightly Colored Blue and Slow Down Rain (on which Mark Hodgson gives a memorable harmonica performance). James Cassara (Livewire magazine 1/99) says of the album, "To those unfamiliar with Chandler's music it serves as an excellent introduction to a world of seductive vocals, probing lyrics, and irresistible melody."

audio lyrics
1. Lightly Colored Blue
2. Slow Down Rain
3. Burned Too Long
4. When I Fell
5. Lullaby
6. Widow's Watch
7. Back to You
8. The Weaver

Mapping Territories

A fine contemporary pop album that explores several musical genres without compromising the unique style that is hers. Laura takes the listener on a musical journey with the help of old friends and bandmates Dan Walters, Rick Bailey, Mark Barden and Ron Foster. Laura’s exceptional lyric writing sets the stage for a wonderful musical experience. Mapping was described as “one of the best releases of 1996” by Music Reviews Quarterly.

audio lyrics
1. Apt. D
2. Waiting
3. Mapping Territories
4. Low Light
5. The Retreat
6. Letting Go
7. When I Fell
8. Time
9. Fall

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